Calculating the ROI of Voice Picking

Picking is the most labor-intensive operation within a distribution center (DC), making it one of the most popular supply chain processes to improve with voice technology. To operate a DC or warehouse more efficiently, managers can consider investing in solutions that decrease time and make the best use of the labor they have available. Integrating voice technology into your picking workflow does just that.

Voice-directed solutions unlock a myriad of benefits thanks to their hands-free, eyes-up workflow. Workers can focus more on selecting the right item the first time and not have to worry about handling paperwork as well. Honeywell Voice enables associates to make better use of their hands, move through the DC quicker and pick orders with a higher accuracy rate. This approach increases productivity and throughput, which in turn, helps DCs meet growing customer demands such as next-day or same-day delivery.

This white paper explains how the right combination of software and hardware brings a voice project to life with financial business benefits and improved efficiency throughout the supply chain.