Modernizing Material Handling Modular Control Systems

The retail industry is changing. And with it, so are the demands on distribution and fulfillment centers. Customer service level agreements are promising fast delivery — sometimes even at no additional cost. These shifts are forcing DCs to operate with high efficiency and throughput rates year-round.

Operators have many solutions to choose from to keep up with e-commerce fulfillment demands. From warehouse control systems to robotics and automation, there are many ways to increase the operational warehouse efficiency and throughput of your DC. These investments can integrate with the systems you currently have or provide new operational methods for your distribution or fulfillment center. Not only do they better prepare your DC for future scalability, they also improve the work environment for your employees and aid in decision-making.

In the past, warehouse operators did not have customizable options to enhance their DC’s efficiency. Most solutions were “one size fits all” offerings that exceeded budgets and included functions not every warehouse needed. This gap in the industry left many operators to turn to software or in-house solutions which still left much to be desired. But that has since changed. Now warehouse control solutions can be tailored to fit the needs of your DC.

We understand that a warehouse operation of any size is unique, and solutions that help it run with higher throughput rates and accuracy should be unique as well. Modular solutions allow for stand-alone options or packaged solutions that provide only what your operation needs to perform at peak efficiency.

Read our white paper to learn more about modular solutions to solve your operation’s unique needs.