Responsive Field Service: The Best of Both Worlds

High-throughput distribution operations depend on automated material handling systems to route orders swiftly and accurately from storage to shipping. In the event of an unplanned equipment outage, the mission-critical nature of automated systems magnifies the cost of downtime. Beyond the costs of equipment repair and idle workers, the loss of throughput is the highest expense. Extended downtime can result in thousands of delayed orders each hour, backing up processes within the distribution center (DC).

Quickly responding to an automated system breakdown or performance issue and minimizing downtime require technicians who possess a specialized skillset and high degree of system familiarity. Operations commonly outsource time-sensitive service and support to trained field service providers.

Service organizations typically provide field service through either centrally managed technicians dispatched from a principal location or regionally managed technicians based locally. Each approach offers benefits but also fundamental disadvantages that can prevent a swift resolution to critical service issues.

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