Working Smarter With What You Have

Remaining competitive in the distribution and fulfillment industry requires warehouses to use existing infrastructure and equipment as effectively as possible. Optimizing the efficiency of buildings, equipment and systems that have already been paid for can help operations to realize productivity gains without a major capital expenditure. 

Traditionally, labor increases have been used to deal with the demands of growth. Although this tactic can provide immediate incremental increases in a distribution centers (DC’s) capacity, there is a limit to how effective it can be in the long term. The conventional “Plan B” was to purchase additional equipment or warehouse space; but these options come with high costs.  

When these solutions are no longer viable, it’s time to examine the DC’s operation and identify opportunities for reconfiguring material handling systems, adopting new software, and altering processes to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Download the white paper for our four cost-effective solutions for boosting the productivity of your existing distribution systems.