The Automate 2022 Experience With Honeywell



Industry leaders share valuable insights on "How to Jump-Start Your Automation Journey"

Automate 2022 was the place to see cutting-edge technologies and solutions from automation, robotics, vision and motion control leaders like Honeywell.

For manufacturing and warehouse operations tasked with getting more done with fewer resources, Honeywell is making it easier for companies like yours to succeed. Whether you’re experiencing labor shortages and/or improving workflow and processes, more organizations are turning to automation. 

Here are some of the Honeywell robotic and automation-related offerings that were on display at Automate 2022:

  • Smart Flexible Depalletizer 

– Mixed- and single-SKU depalletizing are two of the warehouse’s hardest jobs, but our robot makes them easy  

  • Mobile Robotics Integration  

–  Multiple robots working together to boost productivity  

  • OTTO Lifter  

– An exciting development in autonomous forklift technologies, improving worker safety and utilization

Automate 2022 proved that automation and robotics have never been more critical to manufacturing and warehouse operations. But if you’re new to automation, how do you get started? Honeywell’s Dr. Thomas Evans joined a panel of industry experts for How to Jump-Start Your Automation Strategy, a deep dive into automation strategy and trends. We invite you to join the conversation. Click the link to hear the discussion.

From thought leadership to scalable automated systems, Honeywell is here to help the manufacturing and fulfillment industries Enable Possible.

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