Call Systems
Call Systems

Call Systems

Designed as intelligent communication platform

Systevo Call Ackermann – designed as intelligent communication platform

Patient safety and efficient workflow processes in care facilities are key elements of the new system generation of Systevo Call Ackermann. With the state-of-the-art architecture, the system allows process flows to be set up in a customer- oriented, flexible manner and supports the care staff in daily patient care. With a focus on the correct process workflows in care, the system connects patients, residents and wards with the responsible care staff and contributes to safely and efficiently structuring the steps in daily care. In simple and smooth-running workflow steps, information and alarms are intelligently forwarded with the correct priority to the right people, which contributes to a reduction of alarm fatigue in the care environment.

Various safety devices, such as Track&Trace ("Patient and device monitoring"), medical monitoring, fire alarm and hazard management systems, are easily integrated and escalation procedures are defined by the care facility. Coordinated procedures make a sustainable contribution to the avoidance of errors and the reduction of inefficient work processes.

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