Honeywell + Microsoft Teams

Better together.

Elevating frontline workers to anywhere workers.

Push-to-Talk technology brings workers together: whenever, wherever.

Frontline workers focus less on device management and more on providing vital services.

A durable and protected platform takes enterprise mobility to the next level.

Honeywell’s enterprise-grade mobile computers like the CT30 XP, CT45 XP and ScanPal EDA52 now offer more flexibility when enabled with the Microsoft Walkie Talkie application. Achieve instant push-to-talk (PTT) communications between workers in healthcare, T&L, distribution and retail applications with a dedicated PTT button. Help eliminate fragmented team communications by leveraging the power of your Wi-Fi and cellular networks to deliver always-on and constant coverage.

Frontline workers are the backbone of business. Your customers rely on the services they provide, your business depends on the operational task they perform, and your brand and reputation are based on their service. Honeywell Mobile Computers + Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie elevate workers by leveraging technology to increase security, productivity and performance.

Honeywell mobile computers bring out the best of Walkie Talkie in Teams by delivering a single, secure solution for frontline worker communication.  Fill out the form below to learn more about Honeywell Walkie Talkie validated devices.

For more information about Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie reach out to honeywellFLW@microsoft.com