Elevate Safety and Responsiveness in Turnarounds with Wireless Innovation

In the demanding world of industrial turnarounds, being prepared for the unexpected is not just an option—it's a necessity.

Honeywell leads the way in gas detection, offering comprehensive protection that keep your workers safe. Now, with our advanced wireless gas detection technology, you're empowered to respond to incidents with unmatched speed and efficiency, enhancing safety and ensuring compliance effortlessly.

Key Benefits of Honeywell's Integrated Safety Solutions



Risk Mitigation

Navigate hazardous environments with confidence. Our wireless gas detection systems offer expansive coverage, enabling strategic placement and heightened safety.


Enhanced Productivity

Accelerate response times with rapid deployment capabilities. Our wireless technology allows for mobile, flexible operations, ensuring you're prepared when seconds count.


Customized Approach

Tailor your safety infrastructure to your unique operational needs. Benefit from connectivity and visibility without the burden of added infrastructure.

Key Features


Extended Connectivity
Harness the power of LoRa™ technology for connectivity that spans up to 1km or employ NB-IoT for widespread cellular coverage giving your team instant hazard visibility and facilitating swift action.

Reduced Infrastructure
Minimize cost and complexity while maintaining robust communication for the security of true real-time gas monitoring.

Compliance Management
Simplify compliance with automated alerts and summaries from Safety Suite, ensuring your detectors are always calibrated, tested, and ready.



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Turnaround Hazards

Delve into the top hazards during a turnaround.


Wireless Revolution

Read about the transformative power of wireless gas detection technology.

Honeywell Offer A Seamless And Efficient Approach

During turnaround, our software and service solutions at Honeywell offer a seamless and efficient approach to managing critical processes. From comprehensive device management tools to real-time monitoring, our software solution, Honeywell Safety Suite, streamlines operations, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime. Coupled with our dedicated service team, we ensure a swift and reliable turnaround, delivering tailored solutions to meet your needs and keep your operations running smoothly. 


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