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For many industrial employees, working at height is just another part of the job. That's why Honeywell Miller has created reliable fall protection equipment with the mission of keeping your team safe on the edge of a building, in a bucket truck, or in a confined space. Check out the resources and contact us if you want to speak with our safety specialists today.


Your guide to ladder safety

Know all the steps workers need to check to help ensure safety when working on a ladder at height. Stay compliant with ladder safety.

Know the fundamentals of fall protection

When it comes to worker protection, it's alwats better to be on the safe side. Read our guide to know how to help protect workers at height.

Your guide to inspecting fall protection gear

Download our Product Inspection Guide to know how to check your fall protection equipment correctly before use.

Understand edges and related risks

Gain greater awareness of the risks faced by workers on high edges. Download our whitepaper.

Ladder Safety: Tips And Tricks For Avoiding Falls And Injuries

March is National Ladder Safety Month. Prevent falls with fall protection, choose the right ladder, set up correctly, and climb safely. Learn more.

Ask the Expert Q&A

Ask the Expert

What kind of SRDs should I use for Fall Protection in Aerial Lift work? Our Fall Protection experts answer your inquiries.

Best Selling Fall Protection Solutions

Choose personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) that is built specifically to meet your workers' safety needs.

Enhance your fall protection capabilities

When it comes to worker safety there's always more to do to help them be prepared and protected on the job. Elevate your safety knowledge with our safety tools, trainings and solutions.


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