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Keep Your Workers Safe During Turnarounds

Turnarounds or site shutdowns, planned or unplanned, pose a variety of risks to your workers – many of them invisible and gas-related. Honeywell, the global leader in gas detection, can provide you with the information and support you need to keep workers safe during turnaround season and the rest of the year.

Seven Critical Safety Challenges of Oil & Gas Turnarounds

Learn about the unique hazards and risks during turnarounds to keep your crew safe.

Seven Critical Hazards Workers Face

Overview of the hazards you should be aware of during turnarounds and how to mitigate each one.

The Dangers of Confined Spaces

Learn more about the dangers of confined spaces with this illustrated Inforgraphic.

Key Considerations in Picking A Benzene Tool

Read our Article to help you choose the correct Benzene tool.

Best-Selling Gas Detection Solutions for Turnarounds and Shutdowns


Enhance Your Gas Monitoring

Honeywell offers you more than just gas monitoring. Additional software, control and management services plus training and support are available to help you improve efficiency, enhance productivity and boost your bottom line.

Service Solution

Network of expert service engineers


Safety Suite Device Solution

Software solution for the management of your Honeywell portable gas detector fleet, both RAE and BW product lines

Controller Solution

Honeywell’s Touchpoint™ controller family makes gas control system design, installation, configuration and operation simple

Partner with the Experts in Gas and Flame Detection

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