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Keep Your Workers Safe During Turnarounds

Whether they're scheduled or unexpected, turnarounds and site shutdowns come with a myriad of risks for your workforce, especially those that are unseen and related to gases. As the global forerunner in gas detection, Honeywell equips you with crucial insights and comprehensive support, ensuring worker safety throughout turnaround seasons and beyond.


Key Features of Honeywell's Offerings:

  • Risk Mitigation: Our solutions aim to address challenges associated with hazardous environments.
  • Enhanced Productivity: We strive to provide tools that support both safety and operational efficiency.
  • Customized Approach: Each client has potential unique needs; our offerings are designed with adaptability in mind.

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Best-Selling Gas Detection Solutions for Turnarounds and Shutdowns


Enhance Your Gas Monitoring

Honeywell offers you more than just gas monitoring. Additional software, control and management services plus training and support are available to help you improve efficiency, enhance productivity and boost your bottom line.

Service Solution

Elevate your product's value with Honeywell's Services Solutions- boosting uptime, reducing costs and ensuring timely project completion. 

Safety Suite Device Solution

Software solution for the management of your BW or RAE Honeywell portable gas detector fleet.


The IntelliDoX system provides automated instrument management for compatible detectors, helping you drive productivity, reliability and efficiency.

Partner with the Experts in Gas and Flame Detection

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