Reliable, flexible, and user-friendly gas detector monitoring systems.

When It Comes To Safety, Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Top Priority

Exposure to dangerous gases can result in personal injury and asset damage. Gas detection helps mitigate risk, promotes personal safety and aids in protecting manufacturing equipment. From installation support and calibration assistance to device repairs and troubleshooting, Honeywell offers real-time monitoring solutions that help you take steps to maintain your team’s safety. 

Advanced Detection through Advanced Technologies

Honeywell provides gas and flame detection technology for a complete range of fixed and portable gas and flame detectors. We also offer full service on site, system integration, controllers and accessories that monitor for toxic and flammable gas threats. Our comprehensive approach to safety can help support increased productivity, performance and operational uptime.

We serve the Semiconductor market through a variety of toxic gas detectors and controllers that use advanced technologies for identifying hundreds of gases, including hydrides and trifluorides.


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Vertex Edge

Honeywell Vertex™ Edge delivers the reliable performance and versatility of Honeywell Vertex™ — with a lower cost and easier experience. Learn about Honeywell’s cost-effective toxic gas monitoring system.

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Multi-Point Gas Detection For Enhanced Safety Capabilities

Detect more gases, in many cases at lower levels, with proof of response through state-of-the-art Human Machine Interface (HMI). Promote uptime, low cost of ownership, and reliable performance with ACM 150G2 by Honeywell.

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What You Need to Know About Gas Detection - Gas Book

A diverse variety of applications and processes increasingly involve the use and manufacture of highly dangerous substances, particularly flammable, toxic and Oxygen gases.

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The evolution and challenges of gas detection technologies

New technologies are improving gasdetection capabilities, helping safety managers ensure employee health and well-being.

Vertex™ Edge

Honeywell Vertex™ Edge toxic gas monitoring system can be tailored to meet unique facility requirements. With up to nine Chemcassette® gas analyzers, each with eight points of detection, the system monitors a wide variety of gases present in semiconductor fabrication with sensitivity as high as parts-per-billion (ppb).


The Midas-M is a Fixed Extractive, Single Point monitor with a 4-in-1 Multi-Gas Detector to detect more than 30 gases precisely, easily and quickly. Midas M draws a sample locally or from a remote point to a sensor cartridge located inside the detector's chassis.

SPM Flex

The Chemcassette® tape-based SPM Flex gas monitoring system has accuracy, flexibility and ease of use, even in complex, challenging environments like a semiconductor fab.


Vertex combines the most advanced Chemcassette, software and optics technologies into a flexible, easy-to-use, and reliable gas monitoring system.

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Vertex™ Edge