Optimize Warehouse Labor Resources, Delight Your Customers

Optimize Warehouse Labor Resources, Delight Your Customers

Even though a growing number of distribution centers (DCs) recognize the critical need to automate, these solutions are not yet an option for every operation. But whether you can’t invest in automation yet, need to phase it in with a gradual migration plan, or can’t get it fast enough because of supply chain delays, you don’t have to settle for inefficiencies.

No matter what level of automation you currently have in place, you can improve throughput and accuracy, keep your business nimble in the face of supply chain issues and changing buying patterns, improve your retention of good people, and even inspire your workforce to peak performance. With the right data, you can reduce your operational bottlenecks, speed up your processes, and provide your customers with an experience so delightful that they’ll want to do business with you again and again.

In fact, you’re probably generating most of the data you need already. You just have to get the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time.

Beat Supply Chain and Labor Burdens With Real-Time Visibility

The pace of e-commerce and retail distribution has never been as rapid as it is today, and it’s still accelerating. To succeed in this environment, your operation needs to make faster and more effective decisions than ever before — without sacrificing accuracy.

Two of the most effective tools for achieving this goal are warehouse management system (WMS) software and labor management software (LMS). Designed specifically for warehouse optimization, these two platforms can help you achieve and maintain a competitive edge by offering game-changing insights — easing your labor burdens and helping to create a culture that encourages ongoing productivity improvements.

WMS, which you may be using already, provides a comprehensive level of warehouse inventory management that can enhance any operation. WMS boosts your throughput and improves your overall productivity by providing accurate, location-level visibility into inventory, improved space and labor utilization and reduced inventory requirements.

LMS takes this efficiency several steps further, leveraging the data generated by your WMS to optimize every labor management function within your operation. By increasing the visibility and control you have, you’ll see the benefits of a good LMS package quickly in the form of lower overhead costs. It also highlights opportunities for you to invest in your workforce and maximize its overall productivity.

In addition, these two platforms can become even more powerful when tightly integrated together. Enhanced two-way data exchange enables better decision-making and highlights near real-time opportunities to reallocate resources. It also allows for more timely feedback on employee performance while improving overall execution against your plan.

For example, when WMS and LMS communicate in near real time, the LMS system can pull “waves” from the WMS automatically and plan labor for execution with little or no need for user interaction. Additionally, changes in order priority communicated by WMS can be “processed” by LMS almost immediately, which can then impact how labor is assigned. Over time, the data generated by both systems can be leveraged to help identify trends and pinpoint outliers among your workforce.

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