Honeywell PX940 Industrial Printer: 22 FAQs about Media, Ribbon Support and User Interface

Honeywell PX940 Industrial Printer: 22 FAQs about Media, Ribbon Support and User Interface

The PX940 family of high-performance industrial printers with integrated label verification provides customers with error-free printing. The Honeywell PX940 is the first-of-its-kind industrial printer to include a barcode verifier in one device.

This is part-three of a three-part FAQ series to provide you with an in-depth overview of the Honeywell PX940 printer. It is designed to help you understand why this printer should be serious consideration for your industrial printer needs. The series includes the following:

In this article, we will focus on answering 25 questions related to

The printer was developed for customers that are subjected to fines levied for non-compliance to regulatory standards and additional costs triggered by corrective actions and returned shipments due to unreadable or unscannable barcodes. With integrated verification technology, barcodes are error-free and 100% accurate every time. Labels that do not meet a predetermined ANSI grades are retracted, voided and a new label is printed. See the PX940 in action.

Some of the key benefits of the Honeywell PX940 include:

  • Integrated Label Verification Technology provides customers with error-free printing and addresses fines, chargebacks, and lawsuits associated with poor/difficult-to-scan labels.
  • Precision Printing with registration up to +/-0.2 mm addresses miniaturization driving printing on smaller labels.
  • Operation Intelligence provides customers with predictive analytics and addresses printer health and maintenance, cost reduction and increased efficiency, historical data for audits and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • The PX940 consists of verification application software plus Edge Intelligence which provides customers with error-free printing, predictive analytics and cost savings of up to $15K per printer.

Honeywell PX940 Media and Ribbon Support

1. Can the PX940 support both ribbon coated on the inside and outside?

Yes, there is a switch on the printer to change between CSI and CSO. The reason for this design is to ensure that we can retract the label longer when voiding the labels.

2. Does the PX940 support collapsible core on the rewinder take-up?

No, the rewinder must have a paper core installed to take up the labels or liner. The paper core is not supplied with the printer.

3. Does the PX940 support other ribbon rewinder options like a 1inch hub?

No, we only support the collapsible core rewinder.

4. Which media types are supported on the printer?

Roll-fed media with outside wound is supported, as well as fan fold media. Inside wound media is not supported. Label with gaps, Tags, Ticket w Marks, and Continuous media are all supported.

5. Does the PX940 support smaller media liner take-up rolls?

Since August 2019, there has been a factory installed option for 1.5inches core on liner takeup.

6. Does the PX940 support 600 meters ribbon?

No, the maximum ribbon length is 450 meters.

7. Can we use the verifier arm as a tear bar if we need to tear upwards?

No, using the verifier as a tear bar is not recommended as it may cause permanent failure in verification.

8. Is the Label Taken Sensor (LTS) configurable to other positions?

No, the verifier is fixed, located on the left side and may not work with all media, especially special shaped labels.

9. Can we use any colored media and have good barcodes?

The following label background and barcode color combination is not recommended. This will result in low grading caused by low contrast between the barcode and the background.

10. Can I install the media and ribbon on the printer before shipping to customer?

No. To avoid the printer damage during transit, please make sure to remove media and ribbon from the printer before shipment.

11. Why do narrow labels fail Media Calibration?

Make sure both rear LSS and front LSS is positioned under the labels. In case the blue LED for rear LSS and front LSS is not aligned in one line, the front module must be unlocked and then the sensor wheel turned and aligned to the rear and front LSS sensor.

12. Does the PX940 support media and ribbon saving during Media Calibration?

Yes, PX940 supports retracting the media back into the printer after the media calibration is completed. To support this, the user needs to change the media calibration mode to “fast with retraction” or “slow with retraction”. Note that this is not recommended if using wax ribbon that may smudge during retract.

13. What label length is suited for media calibration with retract?

This feature is recommended on label length of less than 1 inch but may work well for longer media as well.

14. Does the PX940 support black mark on top of the media?

The PX940 only supports black mark located below the media.

15. Is there a fixed hanger for media supply hub?

No, PX940 only supports 1.5inches and 3inches rotating media supply hub.

Honeywell PX940 User Interface

1. My touch screen is not working, how can I recover it?

The touch screen calibration wizard can be started from the printer internal webpage: Services -> Screen Calibration

2. Does the printer web page support HTTPS?

Yes, starting from FW version H10.15.017868 onwards.

3. Why is the web page different compared to other Honeywell printers?

This is the new Honeywell design and other Honeywell printers will be updated to the same design.

4. Does the printer support audio files?

The printer is equipped with a buzzer only.

5. What is Print Set MC and how is it different from Printset 5?

Print Set MC is a mobile version of Printset which can manage configuration of the printer via Bluetooth LE interface. Print Set MC is supported on both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, Print Set MC includes an Augmented Reality user guide and the ability to receive printer alerts directly to your mobile phone.

6. I’m not able to login to the printer webpage.

If the webpage is locked by another browser then power cycle the printer to release the webpage lock. Default login is user it admin and the password is pass.

7. Where can I download Print Set MC for my smart device?

Print Set MC is available on Google Play and iTunes Store for download. Scan the QR code to download the software application for iOS or Android devices.

8. How do I customize the background on the LCD?

Procedure to change the background:

  1. Create a background image in png format of size 240 * 320 pixels (width * height) and name it background_idle.png.
  2. Transfer the background image via FTP, to /home/user/display/. Then reboot the printer.


  3. Put the image, on a thumb drive in /display/ folder and start the printer with the thumb drive inserted.

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