How to Clean an APR North Respirator Mask

How to Clean an APR North Respirator Mask

Prior to being reused, all PPE should be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized or disinfected using procedures and cleaning agents that do not affect its protective performance. Always follow manufacturer instructions and advice on how to do it safely. Needless to say, reusable respirators should be cleaned, disinfected or sanitized to a safe level. If you are using an APR North Respirator Mask, these are the steps to ensure its cleanliness.

1.      Before cleaning, remove the filters and cartridges. Getting them wet would damage them. 

2.      Use the Honeywell Shockwave cleaner and disinfectant PN: 80995-H5 to sanitize and disinfect respirators; however, if you prefer to make your own solution, mix 10 parts water and one part bleach solution to disinfect.

3.      Spray the solution on the respirator and then wipe it down with a lint-free cloth. Submersion is also an option to clean the mask. However, make sure the water is not above 100F, as it will deform the respirator.

4.      After washing, rinse off the mask with clean water and completely dry it via air drying or drying with a lint-free cloth.

5.      Prior to putting on the filters/cartridges inspect the mask. Make sure the mask is fully dry. Putting filters on when the mask is wet will damage and hinder their use.

Please bear in mind that OSHA 1910.134(h)(1) has listed the different intervals at which masks need to be cleaned. The employer is responsible for determining how often a mask needs to be cleaned.

For other masks, please check with the manufacturer and follow the protocol for cleaning their masks. This protocol is specific for Honeywell North Respirators.

In the absence of detailed instructions, follow OSHA’s general instructions, here.

Alexandra Serban


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