Impact Gloves

Honeywell Rig Dog™

Tough jobs call for tough gloves. New Rig Dog gloves are made to keep your team safe and in control when handling hazardous oily surfaces.


Key Features

  • HEAVY-DUTY IMPACT PROTECTION Reinforced TPR (thermoplastic rubber) composite material, Honeywell CoreNest™ technology, that enhances energy absorption on the back of the hand to provide enhanced impact protection from impact injuries. Elevated fingertip protection provides improved impact protection on fingertips from hammering.
  • EXCELLENT OIL GRIP and HIGH-LEVEL CUT PROTECTION Multilayer fabrics provide EN ISO 388:2016 F cut resistant level, enhanced oil and dry/wet grip, level 4 abrasion protection (single layer) to help workers stay confident and in control around oily and sharp hazards.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT & FLEXIBILITY Quick dry and moisture management capability for better sweat control so the gloves are more comfortable to wear during long shifts.
  • LOW OIL PERMEATION Minimum stitching on palm provides low oil permeability which offers comfort and durability.