Available in a variety of styles and lengths. Designed to ensure excellent protection from cut, slash, abrasion hazards.

Embrace Comfortable Protection

Protecting your hands against cuts, burns, abrasion, chemical substances, or impact doesn’t mean your arms are in danger less. Benefit from total safety with Honeywell’s high-performance protective arm sleeves that do not only protect but also provide excellent fit and comfort.

Honeywell develops and delivers arm sleeves that protect against all workplace hazards in the broadest array of applications. From cut-resistant sleeves to chemical, thermal and so many others, Honeywell’s protective arm sleeves help you meet the demands of the regulations and the needs of your workers.

Being at the forefront of innovation in personal protective equipment, Honeywell utilizes new materials and new technologies to develop protective arm sleeves, which provide quality and durability, keeping hands and arms protected and efficient.

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