Safety Eyewear

Honewell SP1000 Sealed Eyewear

SP1000 Sealed eyewear. Powerful eyewear for today's demanding work environments.


Key Features

  • Soft and flexible nose piece conforms to a variety of facial profiles and minimises slipping
  • Soft high quality face cushioning and padded temple tips offer all day comfort
  • Highly adjustable flame resistant headband provides excellent fit
  • Exceptional peripheral vision and coverage with wrap around 8 base dual lens style
  • Choose from the premium Durastreme (AF&HC) lens coating or standard Anti Fog or Hard Coated lenses
  • Durastreme models provide durable performance with minimised fogging thanks to top and bottom indirect ventilation and  dual anti fog/anti scratch lenses  

Recommended Industries/Use



  • ASNZS 1337.1 : 2010 - Australia/New Zealand Standard. Medium Impact Lic 2209