Windows Terminal Emulator

Provides a Secure, Reliable Connection to Your Data Collection Application


Improve productivity, reduce errors and get a fast return on your investment with Windows Terminal Emulator (Windows TE). It’s a proven terminal emulation client application for Honeywell mobile computers and provides a secure, reliable connection to your data collection application supporting   VT/ANSI, IBM 5250 or IBM 3270 terminal protocols. 

Ease of Use

The software’s common menu structure and consistent user interface across the product line simplifies using and managing your applications. Windows TE also provides multiple session support so users can switch between up to four different sessions without having to log out and re-launch each application.

Session Persistence 

Losing connection with the host application can occur when the wireless network is less than optimal. Windows TE works with our Session Persistence Server to provide wireless session persistence, preserving data and productivity when wireless connections are lost.

Remote Management and Configuration

Windows TE is compatible with Honeywell Windows devices. Configuration files can be produced on one mobile computer and copied to multiple other computers or they can be edited on a PC and push to the entire mobile computer population.

Key Features


Leverages WMS investment with support for all major emulation protocols. 

Improves Productivity

Supports multiple sessions and session persistence for more robust operations. 


Enhances operator experience with industry leading terminal emulation performance. 


Enables security compliance via enhanced, secure communications. 


Lowers your operational costs with remote management and configuration capability. 

Annual Maintenance Plan Available

Minimizes your support expense, keeping you up to date with the latest releases and upgrades. The plan is easy to purchase and easy to use. 

For more about what your business can accomplish with Windows TE, contact us today. 

Windows Terminal Emulator