Session Persistence Server

Wireless Session Persistence for Honeywell Terminal Emulation Products 


Losing a connection to the host application while using a terminal emulator means decreased productivity. The Session Persistence Server (SPS) provides wireless session persistence for Honeywell terminal emulation products. It ensures that data and productivity are preserved when wireless connections are lost. Details of SPS include:

  • Session persistence for mobile computers

  • Prevents loss of data and time

  • Provides seamless workflow for WLAN environments 

  • Support for multiple sessions and up to 8 different hosts

  • Compatible with multiple emulation protocols

  • Maintenance plan keeps releases current

Key Features

With SPS in place, users will not need to worry about data or session loss when WLAN coverage fails. SPS will store and forward data from hosts bound for terminal emulation sessions running on devices currently out of WLAN range.

SPS also responds to keep alive requests from hosts on behalf of these devices. SPS even allows a mobile computer to collect data while out of range and then forward that data in proper order via SPS back to the appropriate host when the device is back in range.

Power in Simplicity 

SPS's router gateway approach provides a clean, stable, high-performance solution to session persistence for terminal emulation sessions. It also provides unique data capture store and forward features.

Our distributed solution is much more agile too. It puts much less load on the server and provides the capability to quickly add features.

Maintain Many Connections 

SPS can connect to up to eight different hosts. It can persist multiple sessions per device and up to 1,000 simultaneous sessions in total across all connected mobile computers.

TGAP Replacement

SPS maintains sessions that use VT/ANSI, 5250 or 3270 emulation. The functionality in the current version replaces TGAP.

For more about what your business can accomplish with Session Persistence Server, contact us today. 

Session Persistence Server