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Gain Intelligent Visibility into Transportation & Logistics Operations with Operational Intelligence by Honeywell

See Beyond Just Data with Operational Intelligence by Honeywell

Honeywell Operational Intelligence empowers transportation & logistics (T&L) companies to optimize warehouse and loading processes, as well as monitor driver devices, with data and actionable insights that lead to greater productivity. With Honeywell Operational Intelligence on your side, effortlessly unearth opportunities for improvement – even the ones you didn’t know were there. Then, act on those insights with functionalities, such as: 

  • Real-time device and application usage analytics
  • Driver device battery health notifications
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Device check out/check in

Any impact on driver and warehouse worker productivity goes a long way in helping T&L companies meet heightened demands and customer expectations. Actionable insights from Operational Intelligence by Honeywell help managers to optimize processes and find areas to help improve driver productivity and drive delivery costs down.

Increase Driver Productivity Intelligent Visibility Into Devices And Routes

Increased visibility into operations with data means nothing without a plan of action. That’s why future-focused companies need to pursue intelligent visibility into existing workflows. Honeywell Operational Intelligence helps T&L companies achieve intelligent visibility into their operations and benefit from:

Enhanced driver safety measures with remote collaboration capabilities and usage analytics that help make their job safer and more efficient 

Improved ability for drivers to complete their routes uninterrupted due to device insights and automated workflows 

Increased customer satisfaction due to drivers' ability to communicate real-time delivery updates

Reduced number of devices that go missing or become nonoperational, which ensures operations are running at peak performance  

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How Operational Intelligence by Honeywell Supports Transportation & Logistics 

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