Technical webinar about the new regulations on hearing protection – the series of standards EN 352:2020

Webinar duration

1 Hour

Webinar Details

Noise Protection

We would like to invite you to watch our webinar about the recent updates of the regulations on hearing protection equipment – the series of standards EN 352:2020. This way you can help keep your employees protected in line with the latest safety standards. The webinar is held by Jacek Biedroń – Honeywell hearing protection specialist and Dana Cîrstea – Sales Manager, Honeywell Romania. 

Unlike most injuries that happen at work, noise-induced hearing loss is painless, invisible and gradual, thus it can go unnoticed until it’s already too late. With many public institutions acknowledging hearing loss to be the most frequent work-related injury in the world, it’s essential to take all the necessary steps to keep workers protected. 

In our webinar, we discuss the following topics: 

  • How to select hearing protection equipment according to the EN458 standard 
  • Updates made to the EN352:2020 standard 
  • Why can hearing protection equipment work improperly in real-life usage conditions 
  • Honeywell assistance in hearing protection programs

Meet the speakers

Jacek Biedroń

Hearing protection specialist with many years of work experience in the field. Jacek is passionate by sharing his knowledge to increase awareness within workers and specialists regarding safety at work.

Dana Cîrstea

Sales manager at Honeywell Romania having as main job responsibilities presenting trends and best practices in the field of work safety in various industries in Romania, helping to ensure a partnership that helps users avoid potential risks and providing advice on how to select the right personal protective equipment based on various working conditions.


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