Hospitals and Clinics

Equipping Your Clinicians to Provide Exceptional Patient Care

Revolutionizing Patient Care

In the hospital there are countless demands on your time – from locating patient forms to Electronic Health Record (EHR) data entry. We’re pioneering technology solutions and protective gear to empower your clinicians with the right tools to make them more efficient, effective, safe, and productive while delivering best in class patient care. We believe the right technology doesn’t add layers to your job, it removes them.

Shaping the Future of Your Hospital

Healthcare technology needs to seamlessly integrate into existing processes to deliver excellent patient care and enhance clinician productivity. Honeywell mobility, scanning and printing solutions can help streamline critical workflows in your hospital including asset management, patient care, clinician productivity, patient safety and security. From check-in to discharge, we can help you error-proof tasks so your team can focus on what’s truly important—patient care. 

Healthcare Scanners

Honeywell healthcare handheld scanners can scan even on damaged and poor-quality barcodes. Disinfectant-ready housings. Patient Do-Not-Disturb mode available.

Healthcare Mobile Computers

Healthcare handheld computers make it easier for clinicians to provide superior care to patients and manage data flawlessly.

LNX3 Mobile Printer

Easy setup interface and fast printing capabilities, the LNX3 durable printer excels in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, retail or healthcare applications.

Board Mount Pressure Sensors

Complete board mount or heavy duty pressure measurement solutions; easily configurable with wide choice of ports, connectors, outputs, & pressure ranges.

Force Sensors

PCB sensors measure the addition or backup of force, with proportional output.

Pulse Oximetry Sensors

Easy handling and optimal cleaning and disinfection. Maximum resistance to mechanical stress. High wearing comfort through right sizes for all applications

Flow Sensors

Sensors for measuring of breathing gas flow in adult applications. High product quality. RoHS compliant. Biocompatible components.

Airflow Sensors

Contain advanced microstructure technology to provide a sensitive & fast response to flow, amount/direction of air or other gases.