Electricians are climbing on electric poles to install and repair power lines.
Electricians are climbing on electric poles to install and repair power lines.


All it Takes is a Spark

When working with energy, your priority is to contain hazards at the source—but safety doesn’t stop there. Enclosed spaces expose workers to potential risks of fire, explosion, loss of consciousness, asphyxiation or drowning. Honeywell builds a line of defense against these unpredictable dangers.

Innovation Never Powers Off

Honeywell has been keeping workers safe on the job for over a century. Our premium quality arc flash PPE,  including gloves and dielectric boots, save lives by enabling workers to operate safely in hazardous conditions.

A wide range of high quality, durable electrical accessories are available, from arm slings, to insulting saddles, blocks and handline assemblies.

We manufacture protective clothing for every crew member- from workers who convert fossils, water, solar and wind power into electrical energy to those who ensure its delivery to homes and businesses. 

Our state-of-the-art, full coverage PPE protects workers’ heads, arms and feet in any demanding job.

Miller Arc-Rated Products

Whether you need a full-body harness, a roofing harness, belts or accessories, with Honeywell’s solutions you will benefit from safety that surrounds you every second of your working hours.

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