Transportation and Logistics

Navigating the Challenges of Delivering Essential and Non-Essential Goods

Comprehensive Solutions to Help Solve Your Biggest Challenges

The rise in eCommerce has put an unprecedented amount of pressure on transportation and logistics companies to deliver on time, on budget and at the speed consumers expect. In addition, recent track and trace legislation has created the need for T&L providers to have visibility to goods at any time, in any step of the supply chain.

In order to meet the rising demands, it’s critical for T&L companies to adapt their workflows and utilize technology and data analytics to operate more effectively. From picking and packing orders in the warehouse to route optimization, to increasing first time delivery and ensuring driver safety on the road, Honeywell’s complete solution of specialized hardware, software and services can help transform your operations, increasing accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.

Engineering Expertise for Every Journey

Whether a standard product or a highly customized solution is needed, count on Honeywell’s broad sensors and switches portfolio offer the reliability,  accuracy and enhanced safety needed in any transportation application.

CT60 Handheld Computer
The Android-based CT60, built on the Mobility Edge platform, offers real-time connectivity, advanced data capture and industry-leading future proof protection.

CK65 Handheld Computer
The CK65 handheld computer for DCs delivers unmatched asset life with Android 11 compatibility, an ultra-rugged design, and up to 28 hours battery life. Learn more.

EDA51 Handheld Computer
Honeywell EDA51 offers a perfect combination of features with its integrated scanner, powerful processor, intuitive touchscreen, and robust wireless connectivity.

LNX3 Mobile Printer
Easy setup interface and fast printing capabilities, the LNX3 durable printer excels in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, retail or healthcare applications.

Video Tutorials

Connected Logistics Journey  
Take a tour through Honeywell’s future proof solutions for transportation and logistics, from point A to point Z and all points in between.

Robotic Unloader 
Advanced machine learning enables robotic unloaders to unload trucks, trailers and shipping containers in less than half the time it would manually.

How Danske Fragtmænd Made the Switch to 4G 
Watch how Honeywell’s CT60 mobile computer built on the Mobility Edge™ platform helps Danske Fragtmænd increase operational efficiencies and helps support 50,000 deliveries each day.

A Day in the Life of a DC Worker 

Operating distribution centers is more challenging than ever. Customer demands have changed dramatically with high expectations for faster delivery, transparence and accuracy. Watch to learn how Honeywell can help.

Transportation and Logistics