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Distribution and Fulfillment Strategies to Thrive in the Face of New World Challenges

The rise in eCommerce continues to set faster and more complex delivery standards putting strain on distribution centers (DCs) to meet customer demands. In addition, DC managers are faced with deploying new guidelines aimed at improving workplace safety and employee (and consumer) confidence. As a lifeline of essential goods to retailers, many fulfillment operations were unprepared for the recent surge in demand and rollout of new protocols. 

To keep pace with today’s demands, DCs must adopt a comprehensive approach to safety while supporting the need for increased productivity. eCommerce companies are looking for innovative ways to optimize operations with advanced automation technologies and fulfillment capabilities that improve capacity, productivity and safety in this hyper-competitive, complex marketplace.

Solutions for the New Reality of Distribution Centers

With eCommerce expected to double by 2025, DC managers need new and innovative ways to maintain peak productivity levels while protecting the safety and well-being of their workforce. When you can monitor every aspect of your facility, workforce, and assets in real-time, everything runs efficiently.  Honeywell offers a wide range of customized solutions to help error-proof your DC/warehouse

Honeywell solutions — such as mobility, scanners and printers paired with voice-guided and asset management software — deliver analytics and device-tracking capabilities designed to help DC managers implement new safety protocols, including compliance with social distancing, providing cleaning/hygiene instructions, and device check-out/check-in management. Many of our mobility devices are offered in disinfectant-ready housings (DRHs), designed to withstand frequent sanitizing procedures with harsh chemicals.  

Honeywell Operational Intelligence provides advanced data collection, automated documentation and analytics capabilities that allow DC managers to optimize workforce productivity while ensuring compliance with new safety protocols. 

Honeywell Smart Talk is a unified workforce communications application designed for mobile workers. It enables 1:1 communication between employees with seamless call continuity between wi-fi and cellular.

Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment  helps companies meet essential workplace safety requirements/mitigate safety hazards yet achieve business targets as productivity, lower cost of ownership and sustainability via ergonomic, fit for purpose PPE selection.

From mobility devices to facility management software and warehouse execution systems, to robotics and labor management tools, we’re ready to help you create a safer, more productive workplace where your employees can thrive — and give you the confidence to adapt to whatever the future may bring. Honeywell provides scalable, automated systems that combine advanced material handling equipment and innovative software. We create e-commerce and omnichannel solutions that meet your specific fulfillment requirements and drive operational productivity, while building a long-term foundation that enables your operations to integrate increasing levels of automation as needed.

Voice Devices and Headsets

Headsets and devices to enable voice-guided workflows and keep workers' hands and eyes free.

Smart Talk

Unified Communications for Your Mobile Workforce.

Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers & Devices. Workflow demands vary by industry and a one-size-fits-all mobile computer won’t cut it.

Barcode Scanners

From retail to manufacturing, our barcode scanners are purpose-built for the demands of your business.

Intelligence Proximity Detection

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