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Increase Reliability Hero Image

Increase Reliability

Gain Insights That Enhance Asset Reliability and Maintenance Management

Enable Predictive, Condition-based Maintenance in your Distribution Operations

The Connected Distribution Center enables a predictive approach to asset reliability, allowing DC operators to address critical issues before they happen, minimize unplanned downtime, and drive profitability across the enterprise.

Using connected, machine-level sensors, the system collects data on asset health to detect early indications of pending equipment failure. DC operators are notified of potential issues via a mobile device app that provides system-level trend data and alerts based on specific user-defined parameters. Upon receiving an alert, DC operators can collaborate with other team members and review in-depth asset details using a suite of web-based tools.

This condition-based approach delivers measurable uptime improvements and associated labor savings, while providing significant reductions in preventative maintenance activities and material costs. Here’s how:

The cost of downtime in an average DC can be more than $10k per hour. By continually monitoring asset health and moving to a predictive maintenance approach, companies can achieve net annual gains up to $350k:

  • $170k annual labor savings from reducing downtime by 40 percent
  • $40k annual maintenance savings from cutting preventive maintenance spend by 20–35 percent
  • $140k annual inventory savings from a 30 percent reduction in spare parts and 20 percent inventory reduction 

If you’re ready to detect issues before they impact production and quickly prioritize maintenance tasks according to their severity, The Connected Distribution Center provides predictive asset monitoring for increased reliability.