Robotics Adoption

Augment and Enhance Your Workforce with Robotics

The robotics revolution is underway. While the industry may be decades away from a fully autonomous, robotic fulfillment facility, technology advancements are currently addressing distribution center (DC) operators’ greatest challenges. 

Market conditions are ripe for the wider adoption of robotics. The scarcity of available labor is one of the most common challenges facing distribution center and fulfillment operations today. As consumer expectations drive up service levels, many operations are reaching the physical and cognitive limits of their manual workforces. And for specific tasks that are potentially unsafe or mostly undesirable, robotics are being deployed as a more viable and effective alternative to traditional labor.

Honeywell is leading the way with robotic solutions that replace the most undesirable jobs and provide throughput beyond human capabilities. Whether you’ve begun integrating robotic automation into your workflows or are just starting to evaluate their potential, we can help you make robotics a critical component of your DC Next. 

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The Robotics Revolution for Distribution Centers