Accumulation Conveyor Hero Image
Accumulation Conveyor Hero Image

Accumulation Conveyors

Enhance Product Flow via a Broad Range of Accumulation Conveyors

Preserve product integrity in a minimal footprint for high-throughput, high-density, low-pressure, and zero-pressure accumulation with these advanced conveyor solutions in both imperial and metric standards:

Zero-pressure Accumulation

IntelliQ ZoneFlex is a belt-driven, zero-pressure accumulation, high-speed conveyor featuring a narrow belt with a V-guide driving mechanism for efficient and quiet operation, long-term reliability and minimal maintenance.

Accuglide ZoneFlex is a chain-driven, zero-pressure, high-speed accumulation conveyor designed to control product flow and intelligent zone control for optimal throughput and minimal product damage. It accumulates through curves using a single drive, while a chain and pad driving mechanism ensures durable operation.

ZoneFlex capabilities include dual-zone control to deliver high-density accumulation of varied package sizes and weights. Intuitive dip switches and LED diagnostics enable easy and flexible configuration to your unique operation.

The ZoneFlex Advanced option features patented “neighborhood mode” to enable unprecedented carton control, slowing product down before accumulation to minimize damage, carton rotation and side-by-sides.

Transnorm TS 2100 is a zero-pressure accumulation roller conveyor driven by a flat narrow belt. Using adjustable pinch rollers, the compacting pressure between support rollers and drive belt can be optimally adjusted to fit the goods being conveyed. By doing so, depending upon the goods being conveyed, the accumulated pressure can be reduced to a minimum of 2 percent.

E-Z Set Live Roller Conveyor

Enjoy virtually maintenance-free operation with this highly versatile live roller conveyor for positive transportation and low-pressure accumulation. A simple conveyor with minimal moving parts and no pneumatic components, it features adjustable drive pressure on the conveying surface.

  • Ideal for minimum-pressure accumulation over short distances
  • Skewed intermediate sections ensure efficient product alignment

Motor Driven Roller (MDR) Conveyor

For applications requiring maximum accumulation density, MDR conveyors offer superior product control and flexibility. Rollers with integral motors enable individually powered zones of multiple lengths, while advanced logic options allow for tight, zero-contact accumulation. 

  • 50 percent more energy efficiency than traditional conveyor systems
  • Extremely quiet operation 
  • Easy start-up and maintenance 
  • Inherently safe for close operator interaction 
  • Local and system-level controls


IntelliFlow offers an intelligent mix of powered and non-powered rollers to optimize decline product flow.

  • Greatly improved carton control when compared to standard gravity declines
  • Minimum-pressure accumulation with multiple cases per zone
  • Controlled restart to minimize light product stalls
  • Singulated release helps product flow at shipping docks


With modular plastic belts as the conveying surface, this rollerless, zero-pressure accumulation conveyor maximizes your application design options in food, beverage and consumer applications.

  • Self-tracking modular plastic belts provide low noise operation
  • Multiple zones and electronic control provide zero-pressure accumulation