\With budgets for your projects ever shrinking don’t compromise on your site’s safety. Contact Combisafe for our competitive weekly hire rates on an ever growing range of safety solutions.

As well as our extensive product offering we deliver professional advice on how to best tackle your safety needs onsite.

Products available for hire include:

Steel Mesh Barrier

Our most popular edge protection solution. It's strong, durable, adjustable, easy to install. Suitable for all building types including steel, timber frame, precast concrete and in-situ concrete structures.

Safety Net Fan

Our popular fall arrest system that catches and securely contains falling objects and debris, protecting property, the public and site workers.

Site Stairways

Available in six lengths, the galvanised steel Site Stairway offers a simple and effective temporary access solution.

SkyReach Anchor

Prevents falls from height during the decking of horizontal formwork operations

Combisafe Loading System

The perfect solution for the safe loading and unloading of materials from flat-bed vehicles on site.

Counterweight System

Complete with its own innovative weight handling trolley, this freestanding edge protection solution is ideal for flat roof construction and renovation. It is made of galvanised steel with weights made from recycled rubber for maximum durability.

Framed Barriers

Lightweight and robust, they’re quick and easy to install and allow operatives to “work through” for access to facade fixings. They’re designed to last for many years, even with frequent erection and dismantling over multiple sites making them the smart alternative to wooden rails or scaffold tubes.

Please email all ‘off hire’ requests to the following email address off-hire@combisafe.com.  If you do not have access to email, then please call us on 01604 660600 and ask to speak to the off hire administrator.