Many of our customers are now realising that poor rigging of fall prevention and protection systems can actually constitute an increased risk, rather than reducing it. All Combisafe products should only be installed by competent personnel, and increasingly Combisafe is being asked to provide this service.

Combisafe have responded to this requirement in developing a network of companies with all the relevant skills, many offering complementary services of either scaffolding or safety netting. Using a trusted partner of Combisafe, customers can be assured that they have the competence demanded within the industry.

All our products are designed so that they can be installed by your own staff on site, without the need for specialist installers. As a result we offer a comprehensive training package for this, but should you prefer to have the products installed for you please refer to our Distributor & Installers page. Please ask for details when speaking to our sales support team or your local sales representative.