First Responder Purchase Plan

Every firefighter deserves best-in-class safety solutions. Quality gear can make the difference between life and death. That’s why the Honeywell Purchase Plan makes it easier than ever to help you outfit your entire department with our innovative products—all while saving money and staying within your capital budget.



Refresh Your Gear

Using the Honeywell Purchase Plan makes it easy to phase out timeworn equipment—so your crew has continual access to the newest high-performance gear.

Pay on Your Terms

Our purchase plan includes flexible payment terms (monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual), 2–5 year program terms and delayed payment options. We also offer 100% financing and competitive interest rates.

Stretch Your Budget

Did you know most states don’t consider our purchase plan a debt? That means only the current year’s payment is included in your budget—no voter approval required.

Save on Taxes

For municipalities, purchases made through the Honeywell Purchase Plan are eligible for federal tax savings in the form of lower interest rates. And if you buy now, you can also get ahead of unpredictable future inflation.

Care for Your Gear

We all know safety equipment only performs as well as it’s maintained. That’s why our purchase plan also includes interest-free cleaning and care.

First Responder Purchase Plan