The Complete Enterprise-Grade Solution For Managing Wireless Terminals


SmartTE is a reliable, easily managed, terminal emulation that improves productivity. It takes advantage of modern touchscreen mobile devices by automatically transforming terminal “green screen” applications into easy-to-use, graphical screens with no changes to the underlying enterprise applications. SmartTE is a complete enterprise-grade solution for managing wireless terminals, enabling secure, high-speed emulation to connect mobile workers to backend systems. 

Key Features

Streamline Your TE Software Management

How software fits in your ITSM environment plays an important role in lowering your risk profile and improving management of day-to-day operations. 

  • Improve Patch Management 

    • Reduce time to operational impact by testing on one device type combination as opposed to multiple handheld device type and OS version combinations prior to deployment. 

    • Significantly lower deployment risk compared to traditional models. No risk of failed updates in your device pool.

    • Eliminate reliance on third-party applications to update end-user software instances. 

  • Actively Manage Your Sessions

    • Collect and analyze real-time logs to easily compare and contrast behavior by terminal emulator (TE) session and get real-time alerts of performance issues.

    • Actively manage end-user performance by collecting and analyzing real-time productivity stats and easily compare and contrast behavior by users.

    • Improve security with the ability to adjust user access controls immediately. Identify and terminate rogue sessions instantly.

Customize Your TE in Minutes

SmartTE instantly improves productivity with AI-driven tools, automatic UI enhancement and a flexible design. 

  • Dynamic Modernization
    Automatically upgrade from green screen to a modern touchscreen UI. 

  • Designer Modernization
    Use highly customizable design options to add graphical elements for a more modern-looking, user-friendly interface. 

A Modern Way to Manage Your TE Solution 

SmartTE is a distributed application using thin-clients on mobile computers, enabling centralized software management. SmartTE can be easily introduced into your existing IT infrastructure. 

Unlike traditional device-based TE applications that by design are thick-clients on the individual device, SmartTE takes a thin-client approach. This centralized software management approach provides improved patch management and the ability to proactively manage sessions, and includes built-in session persistence.

Fits Within Your Environment

SmartTE is designed to fit into your existing software infrastructure. Whether you use private cloud stacks, public cloud or distributed servers, SmartTE can support your needs. 

  • Redundancy
    Deploy in VM stacks with auto-failover or any other resilient environment that your organization has in place. 

  • Load Balancing
    Minimize response time and avoid overload on any single resource. 

  • Session Persistence
    Built in as native functionality of the host software. No need to manage separate session servers or software. 

Path to Modernization

Reduce impact on your users by moving to a fully customized solution at your own pace. Dynamic Modernization adds touchscreen elements to green-screen TE in minutes, instantly improving productivity. 

Centralized Management 

Streamline your TE software management with SmartTE. Reduce time to operational impact, lower your deployment risk, proactively manage session performance and improve security. 

For more information about what your business can accomplish with SmartTE, contact us today.