Guided Work Tools (DevKit)

Common Development Platform for Scanning, Voice, and More


The Guided Work Tools Software Development Kit (SDK) is a common development platform for guided workflow solutions for industrial, supply chain, and commercial applications that deliver process improvements to solve strategic challenges. Based on Visual Studio and Xamarin, the Guided Work SDK is an easy transition for .NET shops and allows for cross-platform development for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Designed for industrial data collection, Guided Work SDK has pre-built workflows for common functions, reusable libraries, and responsive design for all screen sizes.

Key Features


  • Supports on-premise and cloud deployment options

  • Create custom host connections​

  • Several integration options (Sockets, REST, etc.)​

  • Speech Recognition capabilities include both Speaker Dependent and Independent options​

  • Text-To-Speech (TTS) options

Modern Development Tools and Architecture

  • Business logic and integration separated

  • Direct connection (no middleware)

Common Platform

  • Development platform for Distribution, Inspection, and Retail

  • Development platform for Android, iOS, and A700x


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Guided Work Tools (Dev Kit)