Mobility SDK for IOS

Add the Power of AIDC to iOS


Add innovative AIDC capabilities to your iOS®-based mobile devices and Honeywell sleds with the Mobility Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. Print labels and receipts on Honeywell printers. The Honeywell Mobility SDK for iOS gives you the tools and resources you need to take time and complexity out of developing your applications.

Key Features

  • For Objective-C development
  • Leverage existing expertise in standard development environments like Apple® Xcode
  • Supplements standard tools to provide printing control for Honeywell and other MFi-enabled printers
  • Sample code, documentation, and utilities to speed development 
  • Protects your code from hardware revisions to reduce code rework


To download the Mobility SDK for iOS, visit the Technical Support Portal

For more about what your business can accomplish with the Mobility SDK for iOS, contact us today. 

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