Honeywell VoiceInterface Objects™

Host System Integration Toolkit


VoiceInterface Objects (VIO) is a new host integration toolkit. It allows host system software developers to integrate Honeywell Voice into their host applications, driving the necessary voice workflow logic centrally, while relying on Honeywell VoiceClient to provide the highest quality dialog processing, voice recognition and text-to-speech engine that is vital for a robust voice solution.

VIO gives you full control of the best of Honeywell Voice. With VIO, host software companies – typically WMS providers – can quickly add voice applications to their host system with their existing development resources.

The VIO toolkit helps host software companies to differentiate their offering by enabling close integration of Honeywell Voice into their applications with maximum ease and flexibility, allowing better and faster adaptation to customer needs.

Design sophisticated client-side behavior with VIO. VIO provides our network of certified partners with a flexible set of voice instructions – part of a flexible voice-enabled scripting language. 

VIO uses industry standard API integration methods. Simply choose the development environment that you and your development organization are most comfortable using based on current technical skills.

Key Features


  • VIO allows certified partners to use their existing development environment and resources to develop Honeywell Voice applications.
  • Accepts host-driven commands. VIO for the client application runs on the VoiceClient on a mobile device and accepts external (host-driven) logic and commands.
  • Enables complex client-side functionality. VIO for the host is a set of voice instructions – a flexible voice scripting language – to design refined client-side behavior.
  • Modular software approach helps WMS providers speed up the introduction of Honeywell Voice in their WMS applications portfolio. 


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