Momentum Machine Control

Momentum Machine Control (MC4) is designed to maximize your throughput without sacrificing accuracy or damaging product. MC4 combines powerful capabilities to provide a high level of modern, web-based, internationalized, modular and connected solutions for conveyor and sortation control. While the needs of any given DC may vary, machine control often can be implemented at lower capital and operational costs than other control solutions, while decreasing the cost of delivery for projects of various sizes and complexities.

MC4 overcomes the vulnerability of PC-based systems to full-system shutdowns by giving you the option of running distributed controls on an industrially hardened embedded controller with no moving parts. This increases reliability, reduces repair costs, and minimizes upgrade costs by providing a backward-compatible upgrade path. The distributed controls option enables you to have planned or unplanned downtime in an area without affecting the rest of the system. A centralized control option is also available for upgrades of older, centralized sites.