Benefit From the Data You're Already Creating

Record-breaking shipping volumes are creating unprecedented opportunities for the logistics industry. Online shopping currently accounts for nearly 15% of total retail sales — and is expected to grow to 22% by 2023. Yet this abundance is a double-edged sword of sorts, because it comes with faster shipping expectations, exponentially more SKUs and demands for lower costs per case shipped.

Systems are running longer and harder (with shorter maintenance windows), and unplanned downtime is more rampant than most operations realize. Roughly 80% of businesses are underestimating downtime by 200 or even 300%. Approximately 90% of maintenance shutdowns are unplanned — 70% of them the result of equipment failure — causing significant losses in production.

Industry leaders clearly recognize the need to modernize labor management, assets and processes, yet many are held back by the challenges of digital transformation. The core challenge often comes down to data.

Learn how to leverage the full potential of DC data. Honeywell Forge is building on the established Connected Assets offering to create operational insights, which will grow into a complete EPM solution.