Robotics Videos

You need to know how distribution centers (DCs) work in order to make robotics work for distribution centers — and no one knows DCs better than Honeywell . Many tasks that have traditionally been challenging to automate are possible today with smart robotic solutions from Honeywell Robotics, including goods movement, pick-to-cart/pick-from-cart, palletizing/depalletizing, product singulation and unloading/loading freight.

OTTO Lifter: Autonomous Forklift

Smart Flexible Depalletizing

The Robotics Revolution for Distribution Centers

Honeywell Robotics Sorter Induction

Robotic Unloader

Pallet Conveyance

2020 MODEX In-booth Seminar: Optimizing Robotic Solutions in the DC

Robotics: Optimization of Technology and Labor in Distribution Centers

2020 MODEX Shipping Demonstration

Picking and Cart Transport