Watch our webinar, where we discuss how an automated and integrated warehouse can stand up to daily operational challenges and other industry pain points.

Webinar duration

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Webinar duration

50 Minutes

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Operating Smarter and Harder With Automation

Online shopping currently accounts for nearly 15% of total retail sales — and is expected to grow to 22% by 2023. For many distribution and fulfilment (D&F) operations, the precipitous growth of e-commerce and associated omnichannel complexities has led to several daily operational challenges — from unplanned downtimes to an increase in shipment volumes.

To meet growing demands, systems are running longer and harder, with the threat of unplanned downtime leading to losses in production and delays in shipping.

Watch Operating Smarter and Harder With Automation, where we discuss how an automated and integrated warehouse can stand up to these and other industry pain points. We know your business will inevitably face supply chain challenges; we have the tools to help you combat them. From this expert-led panel discussion, learn ways to manage and optimise your D&F operation, and leave with an understanding of what integrated enterprise management can do for you.

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Meet the speakers

Sneha Radhakrishnan

In her role as Honeywell’s offering manager, Snehalatha strives to establish the company’s products within the European market. She is responsible for growing Honeywell’s business presence in the region by becoming a reliable partner and meeting customer and market requirements. Previously, she worked for five years as a product manager within the energy industry.

Jason Burrell

Jason is primarily responsible for driving and measuring Honeywell’s IGS sales. In addition, he advises the company’s strategic direction pertaining to Honeywell technology, software, services and OEM partnerships with multiple global clients. He has more than 26 years of experience in the IT industry among many leading multinational companies.

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