Optimize Your Warehouse

With the rise of e-commerce, distribution and fulfillment (D&F) centers are now facing new challenges. There is an increasing push to keep operational costs low while maintaining the needed throughput to meet e-commerce shipping needs. DCs have been presented with new technologies aimed at helping them store more inventory, pick items with higher accuracy, and ship orders in a timely manner to meet same- or next-day delivery expectations. 

Many DCs have turned to a voice-picking system, which increases the accuracy of order picking while maintaining productivity standards. Historically, the labor intensity of picking has been made easier with the use of voice technology, as it directs pickers around a warehouse and guides them in selecting the right inventory for each order. This hands-free approach keeps workers safer and more focused on the task at hand. 

Voice technology in DCs significantly reduces training times and allows for new hires to be put to work in less time. Without the need for 1:1 training with a warehouse manager or another staff member, each person’s time can be optimized to meet the warehouse’s fulfillment needs.

A voice system can enhance your DC or warehouse, enabling you to reduce costs while picking greater quantities of products and improving accuracy. Read our white paper to learn more.