Driving Labor Productivity

Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Productivity with Labor Management Software and Technology

For many companies in the e-commerce fulfillment sector, labor remains the single greatest challenge — and operational expense — within their distribution center (DC) operations. Rising wages combined with the dwindling labor pool are presenting daily barriers to meeting throughput targets and maximizing profits. As e-commerce adoption accelerates much faster than previous industry projections, concerns about workplace safety are intensifying. DC managers are implementing new measures to not only improve employee well-being in the workplace, but also keep pace with rising consumer demands and fulfillment requirements. 

Honeywell has a wide range of solutions to help you overcome these new world challenges — whether your resources need remote troubleshooting and learning options, you’re struggling to enhance workplace safety guidelines, or it’s becoming more difficult to fill undesirable jobs. To help keep pace with emerging e-commerce demands and new workplace safety protocols, we’re providing labor management tools, technologies and remote solutions that deliver much-needed performance improvements, safety enhancements and productivity insights.

  • Labor management software — helps measure worker productivity, engagement and turnover
  • Honeywell Voice/mobility devices — enhance productivity while promoting adherence to safety guidelines and procedures
  • Remote maintenance and training — provide real-time virtual troubleshooting and distance learning options

We’re leveraging a variety of software, tools and technologies to help drive labor productivity and build your DC Next.

Additional Tools to Drive Labor Productivity