Honeywell Introduces New Face Shield for Improved Visibility in Dangerous Environments

Honeywell Introduces New Face Shield for Improved Visibility in Dangerous Environments

Honeywell recently introduced the new PrismShield™ Plus to help keep workers protected in arc flash environments and to provide improved visibility compared to existing face shields. Head and face protection is a critical component of arc flash safety. Building upon Honeywell’s PrismShield technology, the PrismShield Plus offers an improved line of site, enhances color recognition and heightens worker comfort.

One of the most dangerous and pervasive electrical safety issues, arc flashes are caused by a short circuit condition where electricity travels outside of its planned path. The temperature of these electrical explosions can reach 35,000 degrees, which is four times hotter than the surface of the sun. For workers who operate in potential arc flash environments, such as those who work on electrical panels in buildings, they need to choose the right specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) to help prevent them from experiencing severe and sometimes fatal burns and injuries.

“Safety managers today are already fully aware that workers need an unobstructed line of site to do their jobs most efficiently,” says Kevin Pietras, Director of Offering Management, Honeywell Electrical Safety. “The new double curved lens redesign of the PrismShield Plus gives electrical workers wider views without needing to turn or tilt their heads as much as previous designs, limits visual distortion and greatly reduces eye strain, improving worker comfort and productivity.” 

The PrismShield Plus face shield allows the full spectrum of light to be transmitted to the user. This means workers can correctly distinguish colors through their arc flash gear, especially when working indoors in poorly-lit rooms, so that all colors are clearly identified – blues are blue, greens are green. Honeywell’s color recognition testing showed that using the PrismShield Plus can give the same color perception as not wearing a face shield at all.*

With this new face shield, user comfort is enhanced without compromising safety. A venting system allows fresh air in from the bottom and moisture to escape from the top, and the weight-balancing frame can elevate comfort by reducing neck strain for users.

Honeywell is a leading provider of head-to-toe PPE that helps keep workers safe on the job, including gloves, protective eyewear, respiratory protection, hard hats and boots. The PrismShield Plus is the latest offering in the Honeywell Salisbury line of electrical safety tools that help workers to operate safely in hazardous conditions.   

*PrismShield effectiveness is dependent upon on each individual user’s vision capabilities and statements made herein assume no colorblindness.