Toggle Switches Optimal OI

It’s not just a toggle switch when it’s an operator interface (OI) for critical operations in aerospace, defence, industrial & transportation applications.

Whatever you need in a toggle switch, Honeywell’s got it.

For aerospace and defence or industrial and transportation markets, Honeywell’s toggle switches provide an optimal operator interface for any application or environment.

MICRO SWITCH Toggles in one view
MICRO SWITCH Toggles in one view

MICRO SWITCH Toggles in one view


Reliable, durable, and high-performance, MICRO SWITCH Toggles are used in aerospace, defence, industrial and transportation applications, to enhance operating efficiency and safety. View our infographic for key information on markets, applications, features & benefits.

Multiple options for maximum design flexibility

Configurations to meet almost any application challenge

We offer many configurations for electrical and load specs, including multiple-pole versions, housing and sealing options (including hermetic) and 2- or 3-position, momentary and/or maintained action to meet any circuitry requirement. If needed, our engineers can design a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

Qualified to multiple MIL-SPECS

Our Toggles meet all standard quality requirements, where required for military applications.

Toggle switches are critical in tanks, armored vehicles, military aircraft, naval vessels, submarines, rockets, missiles, and  spacecraft environmental demands such as temperature extremes, wide pressure swings, shock, vibration, contaminants, and electrical disturbances.
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Durable, reliable, accurate and cost-effective – enhancing efficiency and safety

Able to withstand temperature extremes, wide pressure swings, shock and vibration, contaminants, and electrical disturbances and offering options up to and including hermetically sealed versions, our toggle switches can meet military specs as well as country-specific regulations.

Efficiency and precision on demand, wherever you are.

Whether you’re designing for aerospace and defence equipment or devices for transportation and industrial markets, Honeywell’s full-scale toggle switch offering provides optimal operator interface in harsh and demanding environments.

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Regardless of your application, environment or industry, Honeywell Toggles can meet your needs. We’ve been an industry leader in electromechanical switches for aerospace, defence, transportation, industrial manufacturing, and more for over 70 years; providing devices with proven pedigree and unrivalled value, for increased accuracy durability and simplicity, that serves to enhance your productivity and safety.