Sortation Loop

The Honeywell Sortation Loop showcases our sorting and distribution capabilities, with integrated conveyor, software and controls for accurate, high-speed sortation of multiple product types.


Strip Merge – TS 6240 / TS 6260

Transnorm Strip Belt Conveyors are robust and economical belt conveyors for inward and outward transfer applications with an angle of 30 or 45 degrees. Their design permits the efficient merging or diverting of unit loads at high speed - even for reverse operations. The nominal angle of the conveyors is implemented by using different lengths in the strips forming the belt. The smooth and continuous arrangement of the belts and consequent prevention of pull-in points ensures fault-free operations.

The Transnorm Strip Belt Conveyors offer the following advantages:

  • Reliable operation with exemplary smooth running
  • High conveyor speeds even for reverse operation
  • Compact and robust design and construction
  • Low-friction operation reduces the power consumption, and the wear is kept to a minimum


Full Belt Merge – TS 6200

The main function of the TS 6200 is to connect sorting or collecting conveyors.

This continuous development of the series has optimized traction and reduced power consumption.

The angled pulley is a non-rotating 40 mm steel shaft fixed to the main frame.

Both conveyor versions use the same frame geometry. The drive station is configured to suit the conveying direction. Belt tracking is controlled by a guide station which continuously adjusts the belt automatically.

The TS 6200 module is used at airports and distribution centers around the world – in many cases in 24/7 operations. Three thousand TS 6200 units are installed at the UPS Hub in Louisville, USA.



A combination of conveyors utilized to facilitate high-speed induction into a main conveyor line.

IntelliMerge is a combination of conveyors configured to facilitate high-speed induction into a main conveyor line. Advanced logic and motion control allow the IntelliMerge to build slugs of product at speeds that ensure gentle and reliable product handling, while slug-release algorithms provide smooth product releases to a main conveyor line.

Transnorm Curve

Trusted by End Users and System Integrators Worldwide Since 1969

With more than a half-century of expertise and over 150,000 units in service worldwide, reliable and robust Transnorm belt curve conveyors are recognized as the global industry standard. The world’s largest airports, e-commerce hubs and parcel carriers rely on Transnorm curves and components to keep their critical operations moving. 

Edge Align & Gapping Conveyor

Flexible configurations transport product

The Honeywell M-Series V-belt driven live roller conveyor meets a variety of live roller applications, allowing maximum flexibility in system layouts. Offering flexible configurations to transport product through curves, skews, merges and after sort applications, the V-belt conveyor provides gentle carton handling and minimized maintenance downtime. 

Sliding Shoe Sorter

Enables Flexible Divert Placement and Fast Installation

A patented “soft touch” divert system provides fast, gentle control and accuracy, reducing item impact speed by 500%. Ongoing refinements have made the latest generation of shoe sorters quieter than ever, while offering the flexibility of modular design.