Harnesses, Belts & Accessories

Harnesses, Belts & Accessories
Harnesses, Belts & Accessories

Harnesses, Belts & Accessories

Built for durability, our safety harnesses, belts and accessories ensure increased safety, comfort, flexibility and productivity.

Safety and comfort in the air

Working at height, climbing ladders, descending or rescuing confined spaces entrants involve lots of risks. Therefore, wearing the right safety equipment is essential.Honeywell has been engineering cutting-edge safety solutions specially designed for your most demanding applications.Honeywell’s harness tools and safety harnesses improve comfort, safety and productivity on the job site.Whether you need a full-body harness, a roofing harness, belts or accessories, with Honeywell’s solutions you will benefit from safety that surrounds you every second of your working hours.

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2 Side D-rings.

Miller 522 belt

Miller box options

Miller Boxes (EUR)

Climbing line options

Miller Climbing Lines (EUR)

Ideal to transport your equipment

Miller Equipment/Accessory Bags

Tree-pruners helmet

Miller Forestry Helmet

Built for Safety. Designed for Comfort.

Miller H500 Arc Flash Harness

Heat and fire resistant Kevlar® harnesses.

Miller Kevlar Harnesses (EUR)

Morpho Leg-Loop Belts

Miller Morpho Tree-Pruning Belts (EUR)

Revolution harness for wind energy applications

Miller Revolution Premium R7 Harnesses (EUR)

Revolution harness for wind energy applications.

Miller Revolution Premium R8 Harnesses (EUR)

2-point work and rescue harness.

Miller TS Harnesses (EUR)

Non-stretch harnesses.

Titan Harnesses (EUR)