Occupational diseases and work-related injuries are costing companies valuable manhours, with $2.99 Trillion in productivity lost every year1. Slips, trips and falls are the largest cause of work-related injuries in Europe and musculoskeletal diseases cause more than 22,000 workers to retire early.

Correspondingly, Health & Safety professionals need to mitigate the risks that cannot be addressed with administrative controls or engineering, with fit for purpose PPE. Business targets relating to sustainability, the environment and productivity must additionally be met.

By selecting ergonomically designed personal protective equipment and taking additional features into consideration, you can optimize your worker’s safety, wellbeing, efficiency and performance. 


Learn about keeping workers at height safe

Learn more about keeping workers at height safe, healthy and supported with harnesses designed for an ergonomic fit and three times more breathable to beat the heat.



Learn more about the risks

Think you know the dangers of wearing incorrect types of footwear? From slips, trips and falls to musculoskeletal disorders, inappropriate footwear poses a range of risks to health and productivity. Read our Safety Footwear Risk Report to learn more.



4 steps to choosing the right cut resistant gloves

Suitable hand protection that protects against abrasion and from cuts, combined with excellent grip to facilitate handling and lifting, is a must. By selecting a glove with excellent dexterity and touchscreen capability, you will in addition have a positive impact on efficiency.


Explore our ergonomically designed PPE solutions

Optimize your worker’s safety, wellbeing, productivity and performance

Learn more about PPE solutions for your operation

Take care of your hearing. Watch this video to find out how life-changing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) can be.

A high quality anti-fog coating on safety eyewear prevents lenses fogging up as workers move between indoor and outdoor environments.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) hurt. Walking and standing for long hours can cause musculoskeletal injuries in the long term. Learn how to optimize your workers safety and wellbeing today and in the future.


Optimize your worker’s safety, wellbeing, productivity and performance. Contact us to discuss your needs.

We at Honeywell utilize our comprehensive knowledge of Distribution Centres & Logistics, which flows into warehousing solutions ranging from scanners and voice devices through to automation technologies, to design PPE that is fit for purpose. These solutions also include PPE designed specifically for women or for hazardous material handling. Would you like to request a sample of our PPE solutions* or request a visit from our PPE specialist? Simply fill out the form below.

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2 HSE guide HSG76, Second Edition (2007), pg 53