Electric Vehicles Sensors

CSSV1500 Series

Current measurement for battery management systems in electrified vehicles (EV, HEV, PHEV, BEV). Current leakage detection and fault isolation in battery charging systems

The CSSV1500 Series Current Sensors are based on Honeywell's advanced multi-sensing scheme, a single power supply and an integrated CAN bus output. They are calibrated and temperature compensated using multipoint temperature characterization. This Honeywell's patented digital compensation technology enables a high degree of accuracy throughout the sensing range up to ±1500 A.
The CSSV1500 Series is designed to meet Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIL C) requirements for safety critical applications. These sensors have two independent sensing and data processing circuits for current sensing. The two processed data are checked for confidence. If they are within the set threshold range, the current data is outputted. If the threshold is exceeded, an alarm message is sent.
  • Higher accuracy, lower temperature drift
  • Enhanced EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility ) performance
  • Designed to meet automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIL C) for the functional safety of road vehicle applications
  • Reliable and stable CAN bus output
  • Easy installation and software interface provide system integration convenience
  • CE certification; REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Accuracy: Multi-point temperature characterization and calibration for improved accuracy over the temperature range
  • Magnetic immunity: Sensing configuration and optimized magnetic circuit allow for enhanced performance in diverse magnetic environments
  • ASIL-C Compliance: ASIL C for increased reliability in safety-critical applications
  • Accurate: Designed to enable precise battery state measurement for improved user experience
  • Ease of use: Magnetic immunity allows for easy integration into different magnetic environments
  • Easy system integration: CAN communication is transmitted using international road vehicle standard ISO 11898. CAN 2.0A is the default protocol
  • Current measurement for battery management systems in electrified vehicles (EV, HEV, PHEV, BEV)
  • Current leakage detection and fault isolation in charging systems
  • Current measurement in energy storage systems
  • Fault detection in heavy industrial equipment