Goods-to-person Systems

Goods-to-person (GTP) systems combine custom-designed, ergonomic stations with operator-friendly control systems to greatly improve order picker efficiencies. The physical layout of each GTO station is dependent on multiple factors, including: the mechanism used to deliver source inventory containers; SKU and order sizes; the physical profile of the operator; and system response time/productivity tradeoffs (such as number of put cubbies/concurrent orders).

GTO stations utilize modular designs to provide extensive opportunities to modify or change features based on specific customer needs. The fundamental purpose of a module is to quickly discard totes and replace them with new totes, but each application may require different hardware attachments to meet your unique functional needs. 

GTO station hardware is designed with multiple, layered options:

  • Right- or left-handed
  • Pick- and put-to-light buttons
  • Embedded industrial touchscreen (including pedestal-mounted — with or without keyboard)
  • Tethered or wireless handheld scanners

Common distribution and fulfillment applications include:

  • Pick station for multiple types of operations
  • Tote exchange
  • Manual induction station for loop sorters
  • Quality control inspection station
  • Receiving station for pallet breakdown

Manufacturing applications include:

  • Kitting operations
  • Product exchange for robot or manual work cells
  • Quality control inspection station