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AS/RS Hero Image


Integrated Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems Deliver Speed, Enhance Flexibility, and Maximize Cubic Density

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) help you move higher volumes of product and make the best possible use of valuable storage space. Powered by Honeywell's innovative Momentum™ warehouse execution system, AS/RS are a key component of integrated systems that combine the right mix of automation, software and labor to optimize the productivity and throughput of unique operations.

From design, integration and control specifications to installation and commissioning, Honeywell's AS/RS experts can help you integrate the best-fit shuttle system for your specific operational requirements. Industry-leading Lifecycle Support Services give you 24/7 after-sales service and support through a nationwide network of local support centers, improved customer service with the Dashboard™ incident and project tracking database, and streamlined maintenance with the online parts catalog. Our robust AS/RS solutions offer the flexibility and speed for every application, from e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment to grocery distribution and everything in between.

What Is an AS/RS?

Operators of distribution centers (DC) and warehouses need flexible technology to store and retrieve inventory to meet demands for faster, more accurate, and efficient fulfillment for in-store retailing as well as growing e-commerce orders. An AS/RS can improve throughput in operations of all sizes. In addition, automation provides an affordable solution for the material handling challenges arising from the rapid rise in order velocity and volume as well as chronic labor shortages across the industry.

How AS/RS Benefits Distribution Centers

Businesses of all types and sizes — from retailers, manufacturers, and grocers to producers of high-value or regulated products such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals — benefit from the adoption of AS/RS.

AS/RS integrates with warehouse execution software (WES), warehouse management software (WMS) and other business systems. Implementing AS/RS enables distribution centers and warehouses to:

  • Increase throughput from inventory decanting and racking to order picking as well as from conveyance to sortation and packing for shipment
  • Maximize use of floor space and ceiling height inside existing buildings
  • Reduce or avoid capital expenditures for building expansion or new construction
  • Improve inventory control and lower labor and other operating costs
  • Ensure security for pharmaceuticals and other controlled or premium products

Improve Material Handling Processes

AS/RS technology is ideal for a wide range of applications in manufacturing and material handling. Processes that can be improved by AS/RS include:

  • Goods-to-person (GTP) fulfillment — combines AS/RS shuttles with conveyor systems and picking by light or voice to reduce human walk times and improve efficiency
  • Just-in-time inventory management — responds to reduced inventory levels to avoid running out of stock while minimizing inventory costs
  • Micro-fulfillment distribution – The shuttle retrieves goods from one or more aisles of high-velocity inventory and delivers items directly to an operator station for picking and order consolidation.
  • Mixed-load, full-case and break-pack fulfillment — manage inventory to support advanced processes that meet customers’ ever-changing orders
  • Product sequencing and buffering — deliver the right products and quantities
  • Route-based sequencing — optimizes truck load patterns for faster, more efficient deliveries