Confined Space Equipment

Miller DuraHoistTripod System.

A single Tripod solution adjusted to various confined space work situations which is easy to transport and rapid to install. This system is adapted to any manholes from 1m, 1m50 to 2m50.


Key Features

  • Easy & safe to install in less than 2 minutes (all legs open simultaneously,1 knob fixing all legs together)
  • Tested for 2 persons (up to 140 kg each) equipped with 4 anchorage points located on its head as well as 2 pulley fixed on the legs.
  • Easy to carry & move (leg profile ergonomic for hand grip : only 1,45 m length). When closed, the legs are fixed and the tripod can be easily transported by gripping just one leg. 
  • Easy & Quick connection brackets for rapid installation of accessories on outside tripod leg :

                    * Rescuing device to stop the fall and rescue the person

                    * Winch for lifting loads (maximal weight load limit 300kg)

  • Graving identification marking + QR code




Recommended Industries/Use


Warranty Information

Our state of the art equipment provides the criticaltool for worker protection, combining mobility with unsurpassed comfort.

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